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Aluminum alloy extruded aluminum tube

  • Aluminum alloy extruded aluminum tube
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Aluminum alloy extruded aluminum tube
Aluminum alloy extruded aluminum tubeProduct information
Type: aluminum material: Aluminum
Origin: Guangdong specifications: number for the selected *92
Use: aviation, electric power, communication, automobile, electronics, chemical industry

Aluminum alloy extrusion process is actually a process from the beginning of product design, because the product design is given based on the requirements of use, the use requirements determine many parameters of final products. Such as mechanical processing performance, the product surface processing performance and the use of environmental requirements, the performance and the requirements of actual decision is extruded aluminum alloy selection. Aluminum material performance and the same aluminium alloy extruded depends on the shape of product design. And the shape of the product determines the shape of extrusion die. Design problem once solved, then the actual extrusion process is from extruded aluminum casting rods began, aluminum casting rod before extrusion must be heated to soften, good heating aluminum casting rod into the extruder ingot holding cylinder, and then by the hydraulic high power cylinder push press rod, the front end of the extrusion rod with extrusion pad, aluminum alloy that is heated in the soft extrusion pad under great pressure from the precision forming die hole extrusion molding. This is the action of mould production needs: the shape of the products.

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