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Aluminum processing medical accessories

  • Aluminum processing medical accessories
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Aluminum processing medical accessories
Aluminium alloyProcessing methods can be divided into deformed aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy two categories:
Deformation of aluminum alloy can withstand the pressure processing. Can be processed into aluminum alloy material, various shape specifications. Mainly used in the manufacture of aviation equipment, building doors and windows. Deformation of aluminum alloy is divided into non heat strengthened aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy heat treatment reinforcement. Non heat strengthened not to improve mechanical properties after heat treatment, only through the cold working deformation to achieve enhanced, it mainly includes the high pure aluminum, industrial high purity aluminum, industrial pure aluminum and rust proof aluminum. Heat strengthened aluminum alloy can improve the mechanical properties by quenching and aging heat treatment, it can be divided into aluminum, aluminum forging, super hard aluminum and special aluminum alloy.
According to the chemical composition can be divided into aluminum silicon alloy, aluminum alloy casting Al Cu alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum zinc alloy and aluminum alloy of rare earth, including aluminum silicon alloy and hypereutectic aluminum silicon alloy, eutectic aluminum silicon alloy, single eutectic silicon aluminum alloy, used in cast aluminum alloy casting.

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