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Shower room accessories

  • Shower room accessories
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Shower room accessories

Aluminium alloyMelting and casting is casting the main link in production. The whole process strictly controlling smelting and casting, to prevent the pinhole, inclusion, less casting, cracks, pores and shrinkage and other casting defects play an important role. Because the aluminum melt hydrogen absorption tendency, strong oxidation ability, easy to dissolve in iron, smelting and casting process must take simple and careful preventive measures, in order to obtain high quality casting.

Surface treatment:
1: mechanical surface treatment: textures, sandblasting, polishing,
- 2: silver colored oxidation and oxidation, light oxidation of silver and nonferrous metals, two oxidation, hard oxidation.
- 3 polyester paint, spraying: spraying epoxy resin, polyester / epoxy resin coating, polyurethane coating.

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