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The speaker panel

  • The speaker panel
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The speaker panel
The speaker panel related information:
Type: Aluminum
Material: 60636463
Origin: South China Sea
Specification: various

Processing and assembly:
From simple to complex CNC machining precision machining, we make according to your request.
CNC vertical and horizontal milling machine, lathe 1 high precision, provides guarantee for the accuracy of the product.
2 pressing: shear, slotted, blanking, stamping forming, flanging, etc.
3 bending: bending aluminum rod, aluminum and other profiles
4 drilling, reaming, tapping
5 precision sawing and cutting angle
6 deburring: vibration to burr deburring, polishing, the complexity of the manual deburring.
7 welding.
8 aluminum engraving, printing
The 8 assembly of parts, components and assembly of finished products:
9 provide matching parts and assembly, for you until the finished product.

Surface treatment:
1: mechanical surface treatment: pull lines, sandblasting, polishing,
2: silver colored oxidation and oxidation, light oxidation of silver and nonferrous metals, two oxidation, hard oxidation.
3 polyester paint, spraying: spraying epoxy resin, polyester / epoxy resin coating, polyurethane coating

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