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Aluminum alloy workpiece

  • Aluminum alloy workpiece
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Aluminum alloy workpiece
Aluminium alloyPressure processing products are divided into rust (LF), hard (LY), forging (LD), (LC), super hard coating (LB), special (LT) and (LQ) and other seven kinds of

brazing. Commonly used aluminum alloy material condition for the annealing (M bank), atherosclerosis (Y), (R) and other three kinds of hot rolling.
Pressure casting referred to as die casting, is one kind of the molten alloy liquid pressure into indoor, cavity filling with high speed steel die, and make alloy liquid and the

formation of casting method for casting solidification under pressure. The main characteristics of die casting is different from other casting method is of high pressure and

high speed.
Aluminum and aluminum alloy processed into a certain shape of the material referred to as aluminum, including the plate, strip, foil, pipe, bar, wire, profiles, etc..

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