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Aluminum parts processing

  • Aluminum parts processing
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Aluminum parts processing
Our company supply aluminum products processing, can be surface treatment: General oxidation, anodic oxidation, sandblasting, polishing, spraying, can punch, drilling, milling,

sawing, hope to map sample set.

Aluminum profile:
- (1) can be the maximum circular pipe: Phi =300mm, Phi =5MM minimum pipe:
- (2) as maximum empty heartwood specifications: 350 x 90 mm
- (3) to do the maximum solid material specifications: 310 x 60 mm
- (4) can be used as the most long blank and oxidation of material: 11 m
- (5) can be used for aluminum alloy and the state: 6063, 6061, 6060, 6005, 6463, T4, T5, T6

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