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Aluminum radiator

  • Aluminum radiator
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Aluminum radiator
Aluminum radiatorProduct information
The custom processing: is the brand: OPOINT
Size: Dia50 (mm) model: JG0303/3*1W
Type: LED cup material: aluminum alloy lamp cup
Surface treatment: silver oxide applicable scope: LED bulb lamp

RadiatorIs a general term for a series of apparatus for conduction, heat release. At present main heating radiator, radiator of computer radiator, wherein the radiator can be collected according to the material and the working mode is divided into several kinds of computer radiator, can according to use and installation method is divided into some kind of.

Can provide a complete set of parts according to customer requirements (cap, substrate, a glass cover, screw etc.), specifications and prices for product updates may change, please call letter of confirmation link, and welcome all friends to visit the plant guide!

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