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Durable aluminum radiator

  • Durable aluminum radiator
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Durable aluminum radiator

Durable aluminum radiatorProduct information
The custom processing: Type: HB-101
Material: Aluminum specifications: the width up to 320MM
Diameter: number for the selected surface treatment: oxidation
Mounting type: number for the selected type: String

RadiatorRole description
1). Action: improve the flow through the radiator air velocity and flow, in order to enhance the cooling ability of cooling radiator and engine accessories.
2). Location: fan for axial flow type, mounted between the engine and radiator, drive and pump coaxial. Fan installed in the front end of the screw pump shaft pulley or the flange disc.
3). The related factors of fan air quantity of fan and fan: the main fan diameter, rotating speed, blade shape, blade installation angle and blade number on.

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