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Aluminum aluminum radiator

  • Aluminum aluminum radiator
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Aluminum aluminum radiator
Aluminum aluminum radiatorRole description
1, radiator water injection completely again, first drain switch on the engine cylinder, the water flows out, shut again, so as to avoid the creation of blisters.
2, in daily use should always check the water level, to stop cooling water. With water, the water tank cover is opened slowly, the body of workers should be kept away from the water inlet, to prevent the high pressure steam water outlet spout gasoline burns caused by.
3, in the winter to prevent freezing caused by core fracture phenomenon, such as the long-term parking or indirect parking, should be a water tank cover and a water discharging switch, all the water out.
The radiator environment 4, alternate should keep ventilated and dry.
5, depending on the actual situation of users should be in 1 ~ 3 months to complete cleaning a radiator core body. When cleaning, use clean water to flush into the wind along the opposite side.

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