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Aluminum building accessories

  • Aluminum building accessories
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Surface treatment:
1: mechanical surface treatment: textures, sandblasting, polishing,
- 2: silver colored oxidation and oxidation, light oxidation of silver and nonferrous metals, two oxidation, hard oxidation.
- 3: Polyester spray, spray coated with epoxy resin, polyester / epoxy resin coating, polyurethane coating.

The factory has a complete set of aluminum processing machinery and equipment, process flow including sawing, drilling, tapping, deburring, pipe, stamping, polishing, sandblasting, pull lines, plastic, CNC machining, car / milling, aluminum welding, oxidation coloring, powder coating, fluorocarbon spraying surface treatment etc.. Products involved in industrial aluminum alloy profiles, architectural decoration aluminium alloy profiles for doors and windows, aluminium alloy profiles, aluminum ladder, radiators, furniture accessories, handle and other parts / accessories etc..

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